Rapid Robot Development

Evocortex develops hard- and software components for robotics applications. We focus on solutions for localization and navigation of single- and multi-robot systems combined with perception and interpretation of the environment by sensor data analysis.


Enabling robot interaction with humans and the environment relies on the employment of innovative sensors. Evocortex offers individual software solutions in the domain of sensor data processing. Especially the analysis of thermal data is part of our competence profile. We develop the IRImagerDirect SDK for the optris PI imager series, suitable for Linux and Windows applications.

Team AutonOHM wins RoboCup@Work Competition 

The Team from the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm participates since 2012 in the RoboCup competition. This year the World Championship took part in Montreal, Canada, where the Team AutonOHM scored the first place in the category @Work after four days of competition.  


In the @Work league, robots have to fulfill complex tasks close to industrial applications, e.g., the transport of goods and the highly precise placement in other workstations. In the competition, the robot has to act entirely autonomous. Object recognition, manipulation,  and navigation are the necessary tasks to achieve points in the ranking.  


In a second category -- called RoboCup Rescue -- robots have to look in a disaster scenario for life signs. Here the robots can be controlled via an operator during a run; however, more points can be achieved with autonomous behavior. A robust chassis and sensor processing are essential for a robot to master the challenging parcours. In the league of the rescue robots, AutonOHM scored the fifth place in a group of 22 participating teams. In advance, both teams were the champions in this year's RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg, Germany.  


Evocortex is a sponsor of the Team AutonOHM.  Furthermore, students of the team work at Evocortex during their thesis.   

Our Portfolio

Thermal Data Processing

The interaction between humans and the environment requires the operation of innovative sensor systems. We offer individual software solutions for all kind of sensor processing. Evocortex is especially focused on the processing of thermal data. We develop the software toolbox IRImagerDirect SDK suitable for all cameras of the optris PI series, for Linux and for Windows. 

Sensor & Robot Systems

"Where am I?" - One of the most challenging questions in robotics. Evocortex develops localization systems for mobile robotic applications to find answers to this question. Here, our focus is not only on tracking of already localized robots but also on initially find their global pose. "Completely activating a robot should only mean to energize it."

IRImagerDirect SDK

Evocortex supports the Linux and Windows Direct SDK for all thermal imaging devices of the optris PI series. Based on the IRImagerDirect SDK, a C++ interface for Linux and Windows is available. Further, we offer development services for customer applications.  

Training & Workshops

Evocortex offers individual training and workshops for



IRImagerDirect SDK basic training (1-day course)

  • Class library overview
  • Usage of Easy API and Expert API
  • Design of basic applications under Windows and Linux
  • -> Hands-on training in our facilities or on-site

IRImagerDirect SDK enhanced training (2-day course)

  • Class library overview
  • Usage of Easy API and Expert API
  • Design of basic applications under Windows and Linux
  • Employing single board computers with the SDK
  • Design of a TCP/IP-based network applications
  • -> Hands-on training in our facilities or on-site

IRImagerDirect SDK individual training

  • Accelerate your development process with a customer-specific training
  • -> Bring in your application's requirements
  • -> Hands-on training in our facilities or on-site

Introduction to mobile robotics (2-day course)

  • Design of ROS-based robot control architectures
  • Basic motion control of robot chassis
  • Pitfalls in the robot design with wireless connectivity
  • Sensor integration
  • Localization techniques
  • -> Hands-on training in our facilities


Training courses can be booked as a single person or as a group. Ask for our
course dates. We generate unique and individual training materials and adapt to your requirements and prior knowledge. Please get in contact with us for your training or workshop. 



Evocortex GmbH

Emilienstrasse 10

90489 Nuremberg, Germany


Phone: +49 (0) 911 58 74 08 - 0

E-Mail: info@evocortex.com

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