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IR Imager Direct SDK

With the IR Imager Direct SDK the customer gets access to data streams of the optris PI imager series via a C++ interface. We offer basic support for installation issues on the platforms specified in our compatiblility list. Individual support is commercially available for custom applications and further platforms. Please contact us in case of need. 


IR Imager Direct Interface

You like to include optris thermal cameras in one of your applications without doing intensive programming? -- Then you can use the IR Imager Direct Interface which is based on TCP/IP protocol. With little effort you can embed the C Bindings into programming languages like C, C++, LabView, Java, Python or Matlab. 


Localizer SDK

For autonomous robots, localization is essential. Based on our Localizer SDK you can use data from LIDAR, IMU or odometry to apply localization. Additionally, the SDK generates 2D maps based on the data from LIDAR. 

IR Imager Direct Monitor

You have a process which demands continuous monitoring? The IR Imager Direct Monitor works in combination with the IR Imager Direct SDK and notifies you with alarms and events. An integrated watchdog supervision notifies you if cycle time exceeds. 

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