EvoLocalizer SDK

Indoor positioning of mobile systems is one of the most challenging tasks in the robotics field and I4.0. To face this challenge we developed the Localizer SDK. It offers the fundamental structure for your individual positioning task. By fusion of odometry and 2D-LIDAR data the Localizer SDK provides basic localization in three dimensions (position + orientation --> x,y,yaw) for mobile systems like autonomous transport vehicles. The SDK is programmed in C++ and can be accessed via a ROS interface. Of course, you can use the SDK together with further software frameworks besides ROS. Existing sensor systems or positioning systems can be fused together by using the Localizer SDK. In order to that we can solve your individual localization task and fulfill your custom accuracy, dynamic and robustness requirements. We would like to support you finding and developing your individual localization solution with pleasure. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in our Localizer SDK!

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