IRImagerDirect SDK - Version 5.0.0

Release Note:

  • Added version info for windows: version.h
  • Support of PIF Interface. See example: pif/IRPifExample.cpp and Migration Guide
  • get/setClippedFormatPosition for setting the clipped position e.g. for Linemode (Video Index 4) for PI1M
  • get/setFlagForecast for enable/disable flag forecast
  • Support of PI1M raw data recording. Needs newest PIX-Connect.
  • Enable extended temp range with XML-File: <enable_extended_temp_range>1</enable_extended_temp_range>
  • EasyAPI: get/set Focusmotor Position
  • LabView VI for get/set Focusmotor Position
  • fix: Enable AutoSkim (temperature drift compensation)
  • fix: No call to IRImagerClient::onProcessExit
  • fix: Correct frame rate when missing raw frames
  • fix: Example LabView set temperature range
  • fix: Example irimagerShowOOP.cpp Thread Exception on shutdown
  • fix: No call to IRImagerClient::onThermalFrameEvent
  • fix: ir_download_calibration on multiple internet connections


For support please contact: direct-sdk<at>


The version for Windows is available via a Visual Studio 2010/2013 project. Additionally, the zip archive contains the LabView and Matlab extension for the SDK, as well as video tutorials. 


The linux version of th IRImagerDirect SDK is available for various architectures. 

Further Information

ROS Interface

Thermal imagers of the optris PI series can be integrated into ROS based architectures. The necessary wrapper for the previous version (ROS fuerte to ROS jade) and the IRImagerDirect SDK (ROS kinetic and upwards). 

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